Reason not to use Apple Airpod for running


The endless story, murmuring and complaints about the Apple Airpod catch lots of the media attention. For me, when users which are us do not meet our product satisfaction, our voices need to be heard. Right? In this blog post, I would like to share my unsatisfaction and these might be yours too. At least, Apple will do something about this. A new product support maybe?

Reason not to use Apple Airpod for running

Bruh.. I am a runner. What do you expect from a runner who loves music?

I am really sure that this problem is shared by everyone else in the same hobby. When we run, our whole body is shaking. Do you think that the airpod will be firm in our earlobes?

There are lots of wireless earbuds out there. We don’t want to stop every meter to pick up the fallen device and set it up again. Right? And some may say.. “Man there are lots of earbuds out there. Aren’t they the same?” Ahh… You are correct. But, as for my experience, all of them are really made to stay in your ear. Not a simple broken-toothbrush-like shape or should I say a normal wired earphone without wire.

Don’t get me wrong. I love wireless earphone. And I am looking forward to seeing  the advancement of this technology to be used by Apple. Reality trumps expectation. Sigh. I expect more. Not just an easy slip earphone that can just drop anywhere and let us end up in spending big bucks to buy the new same stuff.

Ideas that might help? Hopefully

Recently, Spigen invented a wired support solution to not lose your Apple Airpod. That means you will be half-wired.

Why not a small rubber padding. Probably this is useful to hold the earphone while you are doing a brisk walk or running. A nonharzadous material stick on your skin won’t hurt I guess.

This is just an idea. Please share your thoughts in the comment below. Thanks