What will smartphone case be like in the future ?


No matter  how tough our smartphone is, we still rely on smartphone case. We believe that our mobile phone need the best protection. Going on to this mindset makes more and more new casing manufacturer tries out new types of casing. They know this market will grow and grow.

Will it be saturated?

Every product has their period of stagnation before it grows again. But if we look closely, smartphone case seems will not develop to a higher technology. Is it true? NO. In fact, mobile phone accessories are only at the beginning. Why? Cause smartphone features developing every year and so its accessories.

Development of smartphone casingWhat smartphone case will be in the future

When smartphone era first booms the technology, its casing was just made to protect the back cover. Then, when they realize the screen was vulnerable, casing with a flipping front cover was made. Then, realizing that bringing battery pack might be a burden, then come to an idea of an external battery case.

Not only that, smartphone case completes your smartphone. Smartphone getting better, price getting higher and some of the smartphone company trades its more powerful smartphone by lowering the feature of storage or battery capacity to make sure they still can provide it to users with a reasonable price. Looking to that is what makes up a casing that is both protector and as an extra storage like iblade.

What mobile phone casing be like in the future?What smartphone case will be in the future

A company like nexpaq, MODR and much more are going on to a modular casing. Some casing manufacturer already takes this accessory to a new level.They believe that our smartphones case can be for multiple uses. This means your case act as a toolkit that carries other accessories like lens or external speaker and many others. Besides carrying the normal accessories, some company attaches modular medical kit to the smartphone casing. So, we can check our health everywhere. Just change the module and its all set.

As I am really interested in the development of smartphone accessories, I think one day, smartphone internal features like ram and processor are able to be attached and detached. So, we can attach the processor enhancer casing to our phone when we need an extra boost while playing games or multi-tasking and detached it during normal use. Because of this, we do not need to buy an insane price of the smartphone just because we use to its maximum performance twice a week.

Closing words

Yes, indeed, smartphone casing is still in its early phase. We may not imagine what it can be in the future. All we know is how we want something better is the one changing it.