The Best Smartphone Cases To Protect The Cell Phone


Let’s face it; smartphones of yesteryear were way tougher than the devices of today. But thankfully, as fragility has increased in our phones, we’ve seen plenty of our smartphone cases toughen up to take the brunt of our day to day lives.

But what are the best cases ? Can we even rely on them to protect our smartphones from the occasional bump and bang? Well let’s take a look at some of the best!

Please note that all of these cases are for iPhone, I will be sure to write other similar articles on different handsets in the near future.

Tank by Case-Mate

Designed to meet US Military standards, the Tank is designed to be just like its namesake, protecting anything inside it from almost anything, using a polycarbonate exterior shell.

On the inner part of the case, the Tank boasts a silicone cushion with a retractable screen protector, which is designed to stop those infuriating cracked screen issues which are now common place with recent handsets.

The Tank is designed to protect the iPhone inside it from shock, drop, vibration, wind, rain, sand and dust, meaning that you’re protected from nearly all of the elements!

Otterbox Defender

Featuring a polycarbonate outer casing and silicone inner cushioning, the Otterbox Defender is another brilliant protective case.

Not only does it protect the body of the phone, but it also covers every port and slot on the iPhone to ensure none of that pesky sand or dust gets inside your handset.

You can also use a screen protector within the case to give you some added safety to the iPhone’s screen, just like the Tank by Case-Mate.

G-Form Extreme

A little bit different from the previous two cases, the G-Form Extreme sports a patented technology called Reactive Protection, which is a material that stiffens upon impact, and reportedly absorbs over 90% of any given impact.

G-Form actually tested the case by dropping it, with a phone inside it, from 100,000 feet, a drop which the phone apparently survived.

It also boasts a rigid outer polycarbonate shell and an insert to offer added shock protection, as well as offering screen protection as well.

Ballistic HC

Featuring an advanced four layer protection design, the Ballistic HC iPhone case also features an optional outer layer for ‘ultimate protection’.

It also boasts a screen protector, similarly to the other cases on this list, and looks like it could survive one hell of a beating judging by its size.

Griffin Survivor

Meeting full US Military standards, the Griffin Survivor is an absolute monster of an iPhone case, making sure that your device will survive pretty much anything, just like its name suggests.

It also sports a four layer method to protect the iPhone, which also keeps all of the phones ports and buttons sealed, ensuring that dust and sand stays on the outside, rather than invading your smartphone.

A screen protector is also included within the case, along with a rigid internal frame and silicone cladding, which helps offer a near unmatched level of security.

So, if you need to protect your phone from any element, whether it’s snow, sun, rain or hail, you can invest in any of these handsets.

Do you know of any more? Then why not comment below and get the debate going?