Cell Phone Boosters Can Eliminate The Common Phrase


Since I often experience weak or no signal in certain areas on my cell phone and/or my data card while trying to use my laptop have decided to do some research to see whether I could find a cure. Finding a cure for the problem turned into a real task. I just recently started researching the problem and it’s possible cures and I would like to talk what I have discovered so far. Please in mind that I have just scratched the surface and have a lot more to learn.

The first thing that I discovered is that there are many different types of cellular signal boosters available. The different types are based on an individuals particular situation. there are types that are for a single phone or data card and there are types for multiple, simultaneous, phones and data cards. There are types that you place right inside of your cell phone, there are types that you install, permanently, in your house or office building, there are types that are intended to be used temporarily in a certain location and can be easily moved to another location, and there are mobile types available that are designed for use in a vehicle or marine vessel, like your boat.

All of the individual types have a cell phone booster antenna that connects to a cell phone signal amplifier.The connection between the signal amplifier and your phone or data card are available as hardwired as well as wireless connection. The connection between the cell phone booster antenna and the cell phone signal amplifier with a wire.

There are antennas that are designed to be mounted outside of the structure and there are antennas that can be mounted inside of the structure. The cell phone amplifier for home , office, or other buildings have different types of antennas and different types of amplifiers. The amplifiers have different coverage areas or distances.once again there are cellular signal boosters available for single phone or data card use as well as ones for multiple, simultaneous, phones and/or data cards.

There are also types that are temporarily set up in your vehicle and vessel, making them a portable cellular booster that can be easily moved from place to place, like from car to car, boat or car, and even from your car to your house etc.once again,there is a wire required to be connected between the cell phone booster antenna and the cellular signal amplifier.and the connection between the amplifier and your phone may or may not require a wire as well.The mobile types are available that are intended to be permanently mounted in your vehicle or vessel.

So far my research lead me to believe that the most commonly purchased and reviewed cellular signal boosters are manufactured by zBoost and Wilson electronics Inc,.And because I decided that a mobile signal amplifier would best suit my needs I focused my research on this type. By looking into all of the different product features and reading customer reviews on specific models I have decided that the Wilson MobilePro Amplifier would be the “best bang for my buck”.I really like the fact that it is compact and very easily set up in any location, vehicle, vessel. According to the customer reviews that I’ve read it greatly improves the signal in areas that are normally weak and often gets a signal in areas that are normally “dead zones”. Nearly all of the negative comments and product reviews are related to the limited distance between the signal amplifier and the phone. The manufacturer indicates this distance to be approximately 24″, but several of the customer comments indicate that the distance is approximately 6 feet, like about the same distance as a cord on a regular land line.

As you can see and as I have already stated “I have just scratched the surface”in my research I will continue to post articles as my research of trying to reduce the times that I say or hear “Can you hear me NOW?” continues.