Google Maps reaches a predictive Driving Mode for hassle free travels

Image source: Google.

Every day, when you go to work, and after about nine hours , you contemplate whether to leave at once or detour somewhere else and wait for traffic to lighten up. To help you make the decision, you run Google Maps, put in your home address, hit the Navigate button and check your ETA as well as look at which parts of your route are clogged up before you make your decision. It all seems a bit tiresome, especially if you have to do the same thing every day.Image source: Google.

The process has been made a little easier,with Google Maps version 9.19 and the addition of Driving Mode .

Upon launching Driving Mode, the UI gets massively simplified, and Google will bring up certain locations up on screen based on your location and web search histories, in its attempts to guess where you might want to go. The only drawback is you don’t get access to other navigation options, like avoiding toll roads, which can be an issue if you’re one of the thrifty types.And when you pick your location, you are immediately set to take the fastest route, are told which point on the route you will experience slowdowns, and are given the option to start navigation or to dismiss it and choose another location.