Touch Screen Computers are an increasing presence in the corporate and IT fields with their versatility


Businesses run on precision. For a firm to remain competitive in today’s market, that firm’s technology must be up to the task of performing quickly and reliably. Touch screen technology has become an integral part of many different business functions in the past few years, and is continuing this growth at a rapid pace.Portability and decreasing price point, touch screen computers are an increasing presence in the corporate and IT fields with their versatility.
Touch screens have many applications within the corporate environment that span across the entire organization. From the lobby and reception area, to the conference rooms and even to the individual desks of employees, touch screens can be used to improve the productivity and therefore profitability of all companies.
Reception and Lobby Areas are the face of the company. Touch screen solutions allow a company to put their best foot forward and can lead to improved client experiences, whatever the business may be. These in turn lead to positive reviews, which drive the business image, increasing patronage and revenue.
Conference Rooms are an obvious place to embrace touch technology. The Internet is instrumental in allowing businesses to conduct meetings remotely over any distance, and to turn corporate presentations into interactive experiences. Streaming audio and video can be coupled with conference room touch screen monitors to create collaborative working hubs that are smart, functional and intuitive.
Desktop Monitors used by professionals in graphic design, architecture and other visually intensive jobs will benefit tremendously from the use of touch screens. Touch screens allow these professionals to manipulate images intuitively using finger gestures, freeing them to focus on the end result.
Touch screens that use ShadowSense technology offer some of the best retail touch screen solutions available for applications in the corporate and IT worlds. Some of the key advantages are:
Midsized and large format solutions for desktop and conference room solutions
Integrates with standard white board surfaces (TeamBoard T4)
Uses USB HID interface for compatibility with popular operating systems
Supports multiple touch points for collaborative projects
Scalable to 267” for stunning interactive reception and lobby centerpieces
Cost effective to implement across all sizes