Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch reportedly slated for August


Samsung’s DJ Koh speaks at the Galaxy Note 7 press conference last year.


Samsung will be unveiling its newest phone, the Galaxy Note 8, during the second half of August, according to a Reuters source. The screen will reportedly be curved, a little larger than the 6.2-inch Galaxy S8 Plus and backed with two rear cameras.

The Galaxy Note 8’s release comes about a year after the disastrous debut of the Galaxy Note 7, which infamously self-immolated due to battery complications. After the Note 7 was banned by airlines, and more reports of phones catching fire emerged, Samsung suspended sales of the phone and issued an informal recall — resulting in a costly process and a public relations firestorm.

In the context of the past year and the previous iteration of the Galaxy Note, this new release will be closely watched.

The Reuters source didn’t reveal details on pricing. Samsung didn’t immediately respond to request for comment.