The LG Q8 is a sleek repackaged V20 that can take the plunge


The LG Q8 seems to be a repacking of the LG V20.


LG is launching a new phone, called the Q8, that has eerily similar features and specs to the company’s V20 ($480.00 at T-Mobile USA), which came out last year.

News of the Q8 appeared on LG’s Italian site, which didn’t mention a price or whether it would be available in the US or elsewhere, but did show its specs.

CNET’s Lynn La had a mostly positive experience with the V20, but cautioned in her review that unless you want higher audio recording quality or a removable battery there are better options. Check out her full LG V20 review for a deeper look.

The Q8 differs from the V20 in some key areas:

  • Its 5.2-inch display is smaller than the 5.7-inch screen on the V20
  • It doesn’t have a removable battery
  • It’s water resistant, with a IP67 certification

The LG Q8’s specs are below: