The Eelecta KNX Pads and Touch Panel from Eelectron

Established in 1994, Eelectron is an Italian company that manufactures cutting-edge KNX solutions for home and building automation, together with installations and references in more then 72 nations. In addition, 23,000 hotel rooms have been outfitted with all the Eelectron hotel guest space management system and lighting controllers.
Our goods are produced in Italy, where we pay careful attention to quality management, and at which we have audited processes that respect the environment. Together with the residential market in mind, we developed the Eelecta range of stylish, cost-effective and intelligent interfaces.
The Eelecta range enables complex functions to be controlled using simple icons, also comprises the HomePad, MiniPad and Miniswitch switches, and the Eelecta Touch Panel. The scope is dedicated to energy conserving and temperature control, while offering an efficient use of space. Features include LED signalling, diagonal pressure sensing, short and long pressure sensing, a night mode LED and KNX interoperability.
HomePad and MiniPad can be found in different colors and metal finishes and are characterised by a fundamental cross that is available in three colours. The HomePad steps 11x11cm and also the MiniPad 9x9cm. Both provide the same features, namely embedded thermostat, added input interfaces, and integrated KNX BCU. HomePad also supports master/slave link to a non KNX model. The graphic surfaces of HomePad and MiniPad are completely customisable with personal images, artworks, logos, and operate icons for short or long pressures.
The HomePad and MiniPad can be found in two variants, namely the 8-channel PB80, and the 4-channel PB40. Both versions can include an additional thermostat function or 4 digital inputs that can be connected to arid contacts. All models have four frontal LEDs and a single side led, all which are freely configurable.

Touch Panel1

Each channel/input could be configured to execute one of the following functions:
— Activation on press (activation on border ) with cyclic sending.
— Activation on long and short media.
— Dimming.
— Scene (learn function could be excluded by communicating object).
— Controller in sequence — 3 telegrams from 1 bit to 1 byte (on short and long press or on border ).
The PB80C model comprises a’Circular Function’ meaning that the four internal buttons are dedicated to handling a unique function like HVAC mode controls, fan coil speed setting, or dimmer or portrait management.
Thermostat detector and logic is included, and can control the temperature of a space or area by driving heating or cooling equipment/air-conditioning/2-4 pipe fan coils/valves or on-off controls to heating/cooling components such as radiators, heat pumps, etc.. The requested temperature could be set via HVAC mode object or via setpoint objects (2 bytes float).
The Eelecta range is made to be easy to install, and may be employed with a stylish selection of faceplates in a variety of colours.
Miniswitches may be mounted at the Eelecta socket machine, and are also compatible with third-party standard frames.
Mounting Eelecta MiniSwitch. It’s the same dimension as the HomePad, and can be mounted in the same way.
The Eelecta Touch Panel.

Touch Panel

The Touch Panel is designed to supply hassle-free icons Which Can Be organised over 6 pages, with 48 control elements accessible, each selectable between:
• Switching/dimming of lights with standing visualisation.
• Shutters, dimmers and RGB lighting management.
• Alarm function.
• Control in Sequence.
• Datalogging with line-graph and bar-graph visualisation.
Cases of Touch Panel pages.
The Touch Panel delivers a lot of additional features. For instance, the thermostat can be embedded using a high number of communication objects and parameters; the logic module makes up to 31 objects available for custom logic in the LUA language; there are different’skins’ or layouts and languages which are end-user selectable; along with habit layouts/screensavers can be produced for specific applications, for example hotel usage.
If your requirement is for a stylish, innovative and effective interface that fits into a tiny space, the Eelectron Eelecta range is an ideal choice. It can be integrated with Eelectron’s iPad, iPhone and Android programs, and interfaced with Eelectron’s broad array of din rail and in- wall actuators, glass switches and the Synchronicity resort guest space direction line.
Giangiacomo Pastore is Head of Marketing for Eelectron spa, an Italian company that produces KNX-standard electronics and software devices.