Evolution of Compact Bluetooth Speaker (R)

There are many Bluetooth speakers in the market nowadays. They come in all sort of designs and price ranges, but a frequent denominator for most of them are; cheap colorful vinyl and uninspired canned audio with poor specifications.
Are you just looking for a excellent cheap Bluetooth speaker, there are plenty to pick from, but beware of big gaps in sound qualitybass response and operate time. If you rather are aiming for the ideal Bluetooth speaker out there, you might also quickly wind up spending far too much on hyped brands.
Affordable reference caliber
The new Chill Fidelity bluetooth speaker from Danish Chill Innovation AS is a stylish design created to provide maximum sound performance combined with top fabrics. Depending on the favorite Chill SP-1 Bluetooth speaker, the Chill Fidelity requires the step further to supply audio quality, design and technology in the reference category. But at a cost point, not only reserved for the few.
It’s been essential to design a speaker, you truly need to obey and even look in on a daily basis. It shouldn’t only wind up as still another dust collector! Life is simply too short for bad sound and questionable build quality.

cheap Bluetooth speaker

Chill Fidelity Bluetooth Speaker Passive SubwooferThe little details make all the difference
One may have chosen to simply use cheap colorful plastic like others – but instead the design is made of a single bit of brushed aluminum with stainless steel edges. The speaker is specifically created with non-equilateral angles, thus reducing standing waves and resonances, so the sound become so neutral and clean as possible.
One might have chosen to utilize older Bluetooth technologies and cheap parts – but instead, the most recent creation CSR Bluetooth 4.0 low energy microchip plus a habit optimized DSP (Digital Signal Processor) circuit has been created to provide wireless music streaming at the near lossless quality. As a bonus, an incorporated hands-free speakerphone Speakerphone with sound filter, as well as 3D Surround DSP – appropriate for movies and games are included also. This is actually double the voltage compared to virtually all other Bluetooth speakers on the market. This gives Chill Fidelity more power reserves to not just play loudly with lower distortion THD (Total Harmonic Distortion), but also to provide a degree of detail, bass response and dynamics unheard in streamlined portable speakers even in higher cost ranges.
An individual may have chosen to use cheap cardboard speakers, since nobody can see them anyway. But rather the Chill Fidelity is utilizing high quality Long-Throw Kevlar composite reinforced stereo drivers with Neodymium magnets as well as two passive subwoofers. This gives the exact unique dynamics, degree of detail and well-balanced sound jointly with bass response down to the bewitching 20Hz. Chill Fidelity will seem bigger than it really is.
The new Chill Fidelity isn’t only the ideal travel speaker for the vacations, festival, ship, forest, park, camping and cabin – but is also highly suitable for permanent use at home and in the garden etc., as a result of its fantastic sound and fashionable design.
Connecting it with your mobile devices is fast and simple – It will even connect automatically to your available devices when it is turned on. You can easily control it from your smartphone tablet PC as well as the buttons on the speaker itself. Together with the Line-in AUX port you can also join all kind of audio devices with no wireless bluetooth support, for example a television, for a significant sound upgrade.
Are you looking for the best compact Bluetooth speaker on the market, Chill Fidelity is the suited candidate! Independent reviews and customer opinions, clearly reveal its potiential