Optical fiber system guide – The importance of dust caps

In optical fiber system, besides optical transmission equipment and optical devices, optical fiber consumables are also an essential component.
And the dust cap belongs to nitric oxide consumable material, it’s applied virtually every part of fiber system, Plays role of shielding fiber and fiber end face. So its role can not be underestimated. Then what exactly does a dust cap do? How does this impact the optical fiber system? After us, we’ll reveal to you the authentic face of this dust cap.
What exactly does the dust cap do? Dust cap play an important part in the optical fiber system, so it can shield the fiber optic connector, fiber optic adapter, optical interface of optical module along with other the vent of gear are not contaminated by the outside environment and damaged by the outside force, Prevents severe network deceleration or system failure.
A number of common dust caps. Fiber optic adapter, fiber optic connector and optical module is the frequent utilization of the fiber optic system need to use the dust cap goods, the item dust cap respectively called adapter dust cap,connector dust cap and Optical module dust plug. Adapter Dust Caps – protects optical fiber adapters and couplers
Optical module Dust Caps – also called a vent dust cap, is usually used in unused optical module optical interfaces.


What is the impact of the dust cap onto the nitric oxide system?
Dust cap is a necessary accessories of optical fiber connector, fiber optic adapter and unused optical transceiver, its part in the optical fiber connector, fiber optic adapter and optical module for both storage and transport process clearly, the optical devices can be prevented by mechanical damage. When the optical apparatus is in a state of non-use, dust cap also has dust-resistant to some degree.
Dust cap has a crucial place in fiber optic method. It’s a great solution to prevent the mechanical damage of optical devices, and it could also prevent the external debris and other pollutants directly into the optical apparatus interface.However, it is not 100% optical protective umbrella, sometimes, dust cap might be a source of contamination. Properly inspecting and cleaning the surface of the optical apparatus is a magic weapon to ensure the performance and life span of the optical fiber system.